Alastair Humphreys coined the term, “microadventure” to describe an outdoor adventure that was simple, local, and cheap: available to the common person without the need for much specialized knowledge or equipment. The term has become popularized amongst urbanites who could only commit to shorter travels but still want to enjoy the fun, excitement, challenge, and reward as a longer vacation.

The idea of incorporating a mindset of adventure in our everyday lives (not only on vacation and when traveling) really appeals to me. But, until the kids are a bit older, that most microadventures are overnight endeavours still make it for me difficult to experience on a regular basis.

Scaling down, I decided to pursue instead nanoadventures – those that can be completed in the span of a few hours. Even these can take some effort to plan and execute when one is parent to a 2- and 4-year old. In addition defining adventure as involving physical activity and preferably involve exploration outside, I chose to also include exploration of ideas, drawing inspiration from what I read. These are pursuits that can be enjoyed even at odd hours at night when the kids are finally asleep and I have time to myself.

Join me in exploring nanoadventures in beautiful Vancouver BC. I hope you enjoy what you see here!