Category: Monday Meaderings

Sea Kayaking: my new addiction

More on my newfound obsession of sea kayaking and other tidbits from this week, including a very good use of augement reality and an ingenious bike hack.

The Importance of Play for Grownups

My first sea kayaking lessons were so fun that I can’t help but reflect on the luxury and necessity of play in being the best parent I can be.

Monday Meanderings (Vol. 5)

The benefits of vacation and living for the moment and the simultaneous need to think about the future.

Monday Meanderings (Vol. 4)

This week features three stories about equality: how Chinese-Canadian veterans pioneered equal citizenship rights, my response to a recent funding decision for a local women’s shelter, and a comic that manages to convey, without words, the reality for many working women.

Monday Meaderings (Vol. 3)

World Book Day, the link between leadership and parenting, comedy and identity

Monday Meanderings (Vol. 2)

Freedom to Read Week, career attrition in STEM jobs, a reminder of climate change, the perfect Secret Santa gift, the scientist-filmmaker connection

Monday Meanderings (Vol. 1)

The Crocodile Hunter’s legacy, the history of the public library, academic metabolism, local history.

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