It’s 1:30 AM. I’ve just finished writing two late posts to Januwordy about the how getting through the tasks of one day seems a colossal task, and yet how these full days should still be a source of gratitude – if anything, for the health I have to power through them.

2019 has started with a bang and I feel in my element at work these days. But that means managing everything at home  – the dinner that has to be cooked, the laundry that has to be done, the finances that have to be taken care of – all the more challenging. And then, there is the the all important time I want to spend to play with my kids. If I want any time to myself, it is at the expense of sleep.

This writing session has been broken up by numerous attempts to return my son to sleep. He is on my lap as I write. And just before I am ready to post it, he kicks his foot onto my keyboard, closes my browser on which I’m writing, deleting my entries.

What a colossal disappointment!