It’s the last Janwordy entry for 2019. What a month! For many nights this month, writing has been my lullaby. Writing nightly has made me a somewhat more observant person. There is something quite nice about ending the day with putting my thoughts on paper (even if it’s digital paper). The various prompts have been great for pushing me to explore different topics and try new forms. I never thought in my life that I would be writing poems, even for fun. For certain topics, poetry just felt the more appropriate choice.

Despite the range of topics, I find myself returning often to the themes of parenting, education, and life with kids. I guess that is just what is always in the back of my mommy brain. Many of the entries in Januwordy can be explored in much more detail and I hope to return to these topics again moving forward.

As we move into a new month, I will continue writing but will reduce my post frequency. This is simply a more realistic goal which would allow me to take care of other things that I’ve been neglecting in an effort to write daily. It would also allow me to let my writing breathe a bit before they are published in its finished form. The decreased post frequency will hopefully correspond to an increase in quality of writing. Thank you for reading!