Our public library took advantage of World book Day on Thursday to promote 100 Canadian authors.

I’ve been recently reading about leadership and parenting. I find it interesting that I’m encountering similar themes in very different books, so similar, in fact, that the same psychology experiment was cited in two books by different authors to illustrate two different points. Simon Sinek in Leaders Eat Last concludes his book this way:

Everything about being a leader is like being a parent. It is about committing to the well-being of those in our care and having a willingness to make sacrifices to see their interests advanced so that they may carry our banner long after we are gone.

Simon Sinek

That’s a pretty neat summary of leadership. Within days of reading this, I participated in a focus group about leadership culture at work, impressing on me the gap between ideals and reality and how far we (and likely many organizations) still have to go in beginning to establish true leadership in our work culture.

Being no fan of stand up comedy in general, I’m intrigued by Vivek Mahbubani who will soon be performing in Vancouver. His success as a bilingual comedian speaks to his awareness that language and culture play a huge role in shaping our perceptions, including what we find funny, and his experiences as a foreigner local (in his words) resonates deeply with me.

Through his site, I discovered a YouTube channel with some quality short films about Hong Kong. Check out 《你還可愛麼》 for films and “making of” documentaries from the filmmakers about the place, its people, and the HK culture and identity. These are in Cantonese, unfortunately with no subtitles.