Looking back at the convictions of my youth, I wonder how much of that certainty I had came from a lack of life experience and how much of that came from my growing up in a church-going family. It has been many years now since I have set foot in a church, and over the years I have become a bit of an agnostic. One can argue the existence of God all we want, but it does not change the fact that growing up knowing God is to grow up knowing unconditional love.

It is the sort of love that makes marriage a commitment instead of a contract. It is the kind of love that we strive to have for our children, and the type of love our children have, intuitively, for us. Wholly idealistic and somewhat unrealistic, it allows us to accept ourselves for the person we are and at the same time, motivates us to become better versions of ourselves.

We may not believe in God or subscribe to any religion, but as human beings. we all seen this kind of belonging. It is the faith in the existence of unconditional love that gives us hope and make our lives meaningful.