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Dance to your own beat

Our own values of individuality and conformity plays a huge role in choosing schooling options for our children: my thoughts on homeschooling and my hopes for being an involved parent.

Time Bombs

One of the more difficult prompts since this daily writing challenge began, “Time Bomb” is about our approach to perhaps the one inevitable thing in life.

A memory of magic

Magic is an experience of pure wonder. It teaches us about the limitations of our minds. Magic creates connections and fond memories.

The things we treasure

When our treasures bring us joy, we are happier people, more able to focus on what matters to us. Treat your body and mind to a good declutter!


Entrance is a poem about the moment of commitment.

How our words say, I love you

Language links our feelings and thoughts, and also our feelings and our children’s thoughts. Avoid scolding by being wise with words.

When Persuasion is Futile

Apply the strategy Jeff Bezos uses for decision-making at Amazon to dealing with your spouse.


Januwordy 6th: A poem dedicated to grandmas everywhere.

On not fooling yourself

Januwordy 5th: The first step to having integrity is not deceiving ourselves.

If I had $1,000,000,000

Januwordy 4th: What I would do if I had a “billion” dollars and didn’t have to work: my passions and what limits me from pursuing them.

Family Secret

Januwordy 3rd: A “secret” revealed ceases to become one, unless it’s a family secret .

Embracing the Unexpected

Januwordy 2nd: Happiness is about how we deal with the “unexpected” rather than not expecting at all.

The Morning After

Januwordy 1st: “Cascade” brings to mind the emotional toll of an argument.

Fjällräven Polar 2019 M&M

The results of my first attempt at applying to Fjällräven Polar and the birth of a blog. Chasing Foxes is about aspirations. It is about living intentionally and longing deeply.

The Catastrophe of Success

Words that guided me in putting together my Polar application this year and through many other periods of life. In this particular reading, the salient analogy of the man with all his camping equipment afraid to begin the journey strikes a chord.

The Science of Fox Fires

The science and legends around the Aurora Borealis.

The Arctic and Climate Change

Why the Arctic is a prime spot for studying climate change. An introduction to some animals who live there. An example of how nature buffers against climate change.

Northern medicine: logistical and social challenges

A video about genomics and personalized medicine in the aboriginal community prompted me to write about the challenge of providing equal access to health care to all.

On Sharks and Seals

Why I am against shark finning but not seal hunting.

I am Qallunaat

Sometimes, images speak louder than words: thoughts on living on borrowed land as a Canadian immigrant and a comic borrowed from the Qikiqtani Truth Commission about the importance of dogs to Inuit culture and way of life.

Let me tell you a secret

Bet you never knew that accordions are popular in some parts of Canada.

Our Northern Territories

A short primer on the Canadian territories and the people who live there. The Inukshuk is as Canadian a symbol as any, yet few know much about the people from whom this symbol traditionally comes.

The ones who live there

Why am I trying to dogsled in Sweden when I can do that so much closer to home?

My Missing Piece

Fjällräven Polar is my chance to let go of what makes me complete and go again on that search for my missing piece.

Take more than photos, leave more than footprints

Applicants to Fjällräven Polar are asked for a quote that describes them. Mine explains my love for photography and my evolving view on being an observer and participant when I photograph.

On Purposeful Travel

Reflections on the impact of tourism on natural resources and how to be a responsible traveller, at home and abroad.

Why astronauts have the coolest job

Astronauts have my dream job, although admittedly, I have no interest in space exploration. I am, however, VERY interested in getting a spot on a Fjällräven Polar expedition. I imagine astronaut applicants must experience a similar thrill as I am experiencing applying to FJPolar 2019. The CSA recruits but once in a few decades. At least I’ve got a shot every year!

My first popularity contest

Applying to Fjällräven Polar 2019 was a bit of a spontaneous decision quite unlike me. To temper my excitement, I began blogging about the various topics that were on my mind going into the competition. This was how began.

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