Tag: Aspirations

Monday Meanderings (Vol. 5)

The benefits of vacation and living for the moment and the simultaneous need to think about the future.

If I had $1,000,000,000

Januwordy 4th: What I would do if I had a “billion” dollars and didn’t have to work: my passions and what limits me from pursuing them.

Fjällräven Polar 2019 M&M

The results of my first attempt at applying to Fjällräven Polar and the birth of a blog. Chasing Foxes is about aspirations. It is about living intentionally and longing deeply.

The Science of Fox Fires

The science and legends around the Aurora Borealis.

My Missing Piece

Fjällräven Polar is my chance to let go of what makes me complete and go again on that search for my missing piece.

Why astronauts have the coolest job

Astronauts have my dream job, although admittedly, I have no interest in space exploration. I am, however, VERY interested in getting a spot on a Fjällräven Polar expedition. I imagine astronaut applicants must experience a similar thrill as I am experiencing applying to FJPolar 2019. The CSA recruits but once in a few decades. At least I’ve got a shot every year!

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