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Monday Meanderings (Vol. 4)

This week features three stories about equality: how Chinese-Canadian veterans pioneered equal citizenship rights, my response to a recent funding decision for a local women’s shelter, and a comic that manages to convey, without words, the reality for many working women.

Monday Meanderings (Vol. 1)

The Crocodile Hunter’s legacy, the history of the public library, academic metabolism, local history.

Measuring Canadian, eh!

I’m 5’3″ but I drive km’s. I leave an inch margin in my notebook and pre-heat my oven to 400°F, but I use a metre stick and enjoy 25°C weather. Sounds familiar? You must also be Canadian.

Northern medicine: logistical and social challenges

A video about genomics and personalized medicine in the aboriginal community prompted me to write about the challenge of providing equal access to health care to all.

On Sharks and Seals

Why I am against shark finning but not seal hunting.

I am Qallunaat

Sometimes, images speak louder than words: thoughts on living on borrowed land as a Canadian immigrant and a comic borrowed from the Qikiqtani Truth Commission about the importance of dogs to Inuit culture and way of life.

Let me tell you a secret

Bet you never knew that accordions are popular in some parts of Canada.

Our Northern Territories

A short primer on the Canadian territories and the people who live there. The Inukshuk is as Canadian a symbol as any, yet few know much about the people from whom this symbol traditionally comes.

The ones who live there

Why am I trying to dogsled in Sweden when I can do that so much closer to home?

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