Tag: Education

Good Teacher

A chance encounter with two teachers from almost 20 years ago left me energized and pondering the lasting impact of a good teacher.

Defeat: enemy of resilience

Samuel Beckett once said, “Try again. Fail again. Fail better.” His quote epitomizes resilience, a difficult thing when we view failure as defeat.

Unleash: the importance of play (for grown-ups)

Play-based learning is an early childhood education philosophy, but it’s core values does not need to be limited to childhood.

Why P.E.?

A reflection on the purpose of P.E. (Physical Education) and my simultaneous yearning and hesitation about starting my young children on team sports.

Dance to your own beat

Our own values of individuality and conformity plays a huge role in choosing schooling options for our children: my thoughts on homeschooling and my hopes for being an involved parent.

Northern medicine: logistical and social challenges

A video about genomics and personalized medicine in the aboriginal community prompted me to write about the challenge of providing equal access to health care to all.

On Purposeful Travel

Reflections on the impact of tourism on natural resources and how to be a responsible traveller, at home and abroad.

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