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Sea Kayaking: my new addiction

More on my newfound obsession of sea kayaking and other tidbits from this week, including a very good use of augement reality and an ingenious bike hack.

The Importance of Play for Grownups

My first sea kayaking lessons were so fun that I can’t help but reflect on the luxury and necessity of play in being the best parent I can be.

Monday Meanderings (Vol. 5)

The benefits of vacation and living for the moment and the simultaneous need to think about the future.

Monday Meaderings (Vol. 3)

World Book Day, the link between leadership and parenting, comedy and identity

Let the more loving one be me

There was a time in my life when Valentine’s Day meant getting together with other single friends to celebrate Single’s Awareness Day. Looking back, we all yearned of a relationship that we didn’t have. Little did I know, that yearning, even now that I am now married and with children, would still be there.

Defeat: enemy of resilience

Samuel Beckett once said, “Try again. Fail again. Fail better.” His quote epitomizes resilience, a difficult thing when we view failure as defeat.

Unleash: the importance of play (for grown-ups)

Play-based learning is an early childhood education philosophy, but it’s core values does not need to be limited to childhood.

Why P.E.?

A reflection on the purpose of P.E. (Physical Education) and my simultaneous yearning and hesitation about starting my young children on team sports.

Teach them to be noble

This is just a placeholder for a more in-depth post about how do we teach our children to be good people? Read the story behind this brief post here.


One of the joys of writing unfinished pieces as for a blog is the process. This is an entry that did not start this way, but is “colossal” in its own way.

Failure to Thrive

Medically speaking, “Failure to Thrive” describes insufficient weight gain in children, but thriving is not limited to physical growth. When do we evaluate how we are failing to thrive?

Qualifying risky play

Mounting evidence suggests there are numerous benefits of allowing children to permit in risky play. Here are some of my thoughts on the movement.

The Arrogance of Unsolicited Advice

There are few things that annoy me more than unsolicited advice. If given the choice between sharing your expertise or your empathy, choose empathy!

Dance to your own beat

Our own values of individuality and conformity plays a huge role in choosing schooling options for our children: my thoughts on homeschooling and my hopes for being an involved parent.

How our words say, I love you

Language links our feelings and thoughts, and also our feelings and our children’s thoughts. Avoid scolding by being wise with words.

Take more than photos, leave more than footprints

Applicants to Fjällräven Polar are asked for a quote that describes them. Mine explains my love for photography and my evolving view on being an observer and participant when I photograph.

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