Last year, the Canadian Space Agency began a recruitment campaign for two new astronauts. It’s not something that happens all the time, and when it does, someone’s life dream is realized at the end. 

I don’t have any aspirations for space exploration, but I do think that astronauts have one of coolest jobs in the world. They need some specialized skills but also a great breadth of knowledge. They learn a lot on the job. They are on the front lines of advancing science and technology and at the same time, they must communicate technical projects simply to the public.

Recruitment is an experience in itself. A lot of hard work is involved, but also fair bit of luck – candidates are to aim high but be grounded enough to realize there is a small chance of success. There is a high element of hope.

Once at the job, they would explore their own limits intellectually, psychologically, physically daily in preparation for a mission – a unique once in a lifetime experience. Failing that, they live their passions elsewhere. 

Applying to Polar 2019 has been kind of like that for me.

One week into the competition, I’m ranked 40th with 72 votes. Thanks for your votes so far!